Who Killed The Chicken Woman? 

I still feel chills thinking about it. Ever since we moved into our street, I’ve known this woman as ‘chicken woman’, I’ve never known her by her real name because everybody called her ‘Madam Chicken’. She’s never had issues with anyone, she was kind, peaceful and always friendly. The whole Street and even the people from the other streets bought frozen chicken from her. 


Today Looks Like A Good Day To Die 

Depression is a real thing, and it is quite unfortunate that being an extremely religious country, in our ignorance and religious intolerance, we treat mental health as something from the pit of hell. We mock the people and judge them.”It is the white man’s disease, it doesn’t exist in our country”. 

But everyday we see, hear and read the stories, more people sinking in this quick sand, fathers, brothers, daughters, lovers, cousins, best friends. I can hardly keep typing right now, I feel I may burst into tears. 


My Top 15 DIY Life Hacks For The Cheap And Lazy Nigerian 

There’s no way to describe me without adding the adjective ‘lazy’, (though people who know me may insistently argue against this fact, but don’t listen to them.)

I know being lazy can sometimes be hard, I want to make it easier for you. These are my top 15 diy life hacks for all my fellow cheap and lazy fellas out there.