“So where do you want me to carry you to”? 

“Anywhere”, she replied. 

We’ve become friends already. She had sparkly eyes that if you stared into them, you would want to drop everything and just laugh. She had the face of a child who would grow up and break a lot of hearts – pretty, sensual, confident. 


As Easy As ABC

I hated the condoms from the very first time. I kept fearing it’d pull off and get lost inside my body. I didn’t understand why it came with so much oil like they wanted us to fry plantain with it, and if they could do something about the latex smell… I’m very sensitive with smells. I used the condoms only twice and reverted back to abstinence. The love of my life got pissed, called me selfish and from that moment, the relationship started dying until we finally went our separate ways. So much for being convinced he loved me. 


About The Guy Who Openly Said “He’d Steal Me”

However, he started expressing his likeness for me (I wouldn’t blame him, it’s hard not to like me), but I told him straight up I had a boyfriend. I repeated the same thing when his friends assumed we had a thing together because I cooked for him, and I reminded him of it again right before I got up and walked out when he insisted I spent the night at his place. “I won’t touch you” he said, sounding righteous, “please oga, I’ve heard that song before” .


Saving Love

Love held me close and kissed me like a princess should be kissed, soft, gentle and passionately. Then it held my hand and stayed by my side. It still showed me off proudly, and promised to work with me on my flaws. It made me laugh through my sadness and brightened my otherwise gloomy life. Nobody can tell me now that love doesn’t exist. I’ll keep this one, I’ll save this love, and I’ll prove every person wrong, who says love doesn’t exist.