University Journal Entries

I’m Teething And I Don’t Think I’ll Make It 

Mama said to put onions and/or a slice of fresh tomatoes exactly on the spot inside my mouth, a friend suggested I add flagil to the pills I take (seriously, how does a pill for constipation help with toothache???), my sister advised I lick a lot of sugar to trick my body into giving me stomachache and forgetting about the tooth. 

Thoughts and Tales

For The People Who Have Hit Rock Bottom 

Rock Bottom is when you literally have got no roof over your head, that you now sleep under a bridge at night and during the day, the streets and road corners become your home. It is when you stare at your long list of outstanding bills and inside of you you know you won’t be able to clear any of it because the last money you have is just two hundred naira and not even a kobo more. It is when you get dragged to jail for debts you can’t pay.

University Journal Entries

Do Prophecies And Miracles Actually Happen? 

Jesus may have turned water into wine and raised the dead and healed lepers, but these prophets of nowadays, no one can tell sha. None of my family members or close relatives have had an express miracle, I’ve never been privileged to witness the blind see or the lame walk or the dumb speak. One time a pastor told my parents that ‘God’ said they would have a male child in exactly a year’s time. It’s been 7 years now.