Ex Boyfriends; Ex Girlfriends – Dealing With Them

How many exes do you have? 

I have 2. Babe on the other hand… I fear I’ll get assassinated by one of his exes some day. 

My Ex

Based on how my last relationship ended, so did the friendship. And I was cool with it, I’ve cried once for a guy, it wasn’t going to happen again. But weeks later and he was back to calling and texting me. 

Dealing With Him

Since I’m a chillaxed girl, I was willing to play it cool as far as he respects the boundaries. I have no idea why he’s back, ‘was it to check up on me if I’m still sad or it’s a ploy to see if he’ll get lucky or he’s genuinely missing me or he just doesn’t want to be in bad terms‘? Whatever it is, I set the rules from the first day. We are exes, the implications being you are now officially a stranger in my life and forever stuck in the ‘stranger zone’. Please don’t try to get all familiar – I bite and it kills. 

My Boyfriend’s Ex

I knew Babe’s last girlfriend. A really really reeeeeaaaally pretty girl with insane curves! And she can sing. I liked her until I found out she was being unfaithful. I didn’t start hating her per se, but I stopped taking her side in their petty arguments. Recently Babe opened up to me that she’s been bugging him big time, begging to come over (of course we all know what she wants). She’s supposed to be in a relationship, why is she bugging him!? 

Dealing With Her 

At first, all I could think of was landing it dirty on her face – the B word. But she’s not my problem, even if Babe cheats with her, the problem would still not be her but him. As far as Babe can handle her (of which I’m sure he’s more than capable), then I back out and completely ignore it for the sake of my blood pressure. The issue would be when it starts getting out of hand and he’s coming home with constant complainings about her, then I’m allowed to step in (of which I’ll gladly do). 

In Conclusion 

I’ve read about crazy exes, the ones that hack into your social media accounts and are hell bent on making your life extremely miserable. It’s a nut case sometimes, it can get messy. So when it comes to dealing with an ex, it seems tricky but it’s quite easy if you are not losing your head with them. Don’t make the mistake of falling into their emotional traps especially, you’ve been with them a while, you should know about two or more things on how they operate, think like you do when you are playing chess. If you don’t play chess, go learn how to play chess. 


4 thoughts on “Ex Boyfriends; Ex Girlfriends – Dealing With Them

  1. Its hard when they think they’ve earned that familiarity by having ‘been there’ once upon a blue moon. And they *love* to test boundaries and hope there aren’t any!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so right, they are always trying to get through the ‘boundary’ thing because they feel they already know you so well. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. It means so much, especially as it is my first. 😊

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      1. There was a great letter i saw about addressing an ex girlfriend. It wasnt bitter or bitchy. It was along the lines of “yes…im sure u do miss him. Hes wonderful. I fully understand what you saw in him and still do” etc. Ive been trying to find it again to post it but no luck.

        I love commenting but no one ever answers lol! I start to wonder why they are on here haha.


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