Hunting For A Roommate; A Sister And A Friend 

Dear reader, 

I’ll employ you to keep this tiny info at the back of your minds – that I, Mitchell, am very good at taking bad decisions, like, very good. But it should interest you to know that my intuition is never wrong, emphasis on never. 

Mama called yesterday to ask if I’ve still got my campers mattress, I didn’t, I sold it off last year. She had a coworker whose daughter just moved into a new apartment in my school here and the room was still completely empty. No table, chairs, racks, kitchen stuff and no mattress. I asked Mama to forward me the girl’s number, the light bulb over my head was glowing  really bright.

The Catch 

Her room was new, rent paid, but no money to buy furnitures and stuffs. My rent is expired, I have no money to move because I spent my rent on vain shopping and I have all these glorious properties that will make any student’s room pop, how would she take the idea of being a roommate? (See what I did there? In the spirit of hustling). 

From talking with people, I’ve been able to deduce that most people don’t support the idea of living with a roommate, there are a lot of reasons though, from wanting total privacy to different lifestyles and habits that don’t just match. Even I, have had a bad roommate once, the girl from hell who threatened my life, I still thank her till today because she is the reason I was finally allowed to live off campus (one juicy story, but for another day)

Not All Roommates Are Bad, But Three’s A Crowd 

Remember BB (Best Bae)?  I made a mention of her on this post. BB was my first roommate when I moved off campus, everybody warned me against getting a roommate but I wanted one so bad and they couldn’t understand why. 

Now’s the time to recall that little info I gave at the very beginning of this post, still remember it? If you don’t, go back and reread it before continuing.

So I went against every advice and followed my intuition, I interviewed a couple of girls, but I knew it’d be BB from the very moment she stepped into my room. She was putting on an exact same skirt that I had (so we have same tastes) and her first words were “oh my gosh, I love the pink walls” (could someone be any nicer???). I knew I’d found my roommate. What I didn’t expect was that she’d turn out to also be a really great friend and a sister. I was in the department of Nursing Science then, while she was running her predegree program. 

Anyways, BB is a great friend, but just to prove that being a great person doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get along with everyone, here’s the gist of my second roommate – So yeah, we were three in the room (my apartment is really big and spacious and pretty), me, BB and DD. The thing is, BB and DD hardly ever  emphasis on hardly got along. DD was running her pd (predegree) program too, in fact they had more in common so more often than not I was the third wheel. But things changed with time (a really short time I must say) and suddenly they started having issues which of course only got worse and worse and worse that neighbors dreaded me going out and leaving just the two of them together in the house – yep! It got that bad. Personally I had no issues with DD, oh no, I’m one of those chillaxed people that can live with anyone including the devil without running mad, excuse me, I’ve been best friends with a complete psychopath for 3 years and now, we are officially a couple. 

All that passed, school vacated, results came out. And good and bad news. BB got admission into the regular program but she was posted to a faculty which is completely in another campus which is in another town – a 2 hours drive from mine. So bye bye BB, we are no longer roommates. DD got into the diploma program which was in my campus. I have no problem living with her as a roommate, but the issue is, she’s not BB if you get what I’m saying. So I’ve been keeping an eye out for a roommate. I talked to a couple of interested candidates but none of them matched BB. And then mama calls and lands this info. It’s not like I’m desperate to get away from DD, but my intuition flared up for this unknown girl, I don’t even know her name or how she looks like and the whole of my body, soul and spirit is already accepting her. 

The idea of getting a roommate may not appeal to a whole lot of people but for me, it’s been just great. The experience and lessons are irreplaceable. Plus I didn’t just get a roommate, I got a sister and a friend, and I’ll always be appreciateful for that. 


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