Is It Ever Okay To Tell A Friend About Their Partner Cheating? 

There are quite a couple peculiar things about me that make me just believe I am some unique child from the universe with a special purpose. One of those peculiar characters would be my ability to walk into people’s secrets all the time. So my life is always filled with stories of other people. 

Sometimes I like the feeling, it’s immature, but I can’t help it – to have an edge over someone, to have them give pleading stares and say nice things to you like you’ve been cool pals since childhood. It’s stupid but duh. 

Gist Of The Day

I was walking out of Babe’s hostel this morning and for some unknown terrible divine reason, I was pushed to use the back gate, only to walk into two of the neighbors smugging it out in the gym. Their guilty looks said it all. It was so awkward all I could do was stammer a “good morning” even though for sure the morning for them was automatically no longer good. I turned around and bolted back into Babe’s room to divulge the whole details (he’s my living diary). 

The gist is, neighbour A (male) has a serious girlfriend and she’s even living with him. I was morbidly pissed on her behalf, just the evening before, he was all lovey dovey with her to the point it was embarrassingly and annoyingly distracting because I was sitting not so far away from them. I’d have left but it was the only spot in the building where I could get mobile network but all I was getting then was my ears filled with “ooohs” and “aaahs” if you know what I mean. 

Babe and I concluded it was none of our business. It’s their private lives and we barely even have the rights to gossip about it. His girlfriend may find out but it wouldn’t be from us. 
But What If It’s A Friend? 

The case is a whole lot different when it has to do with a friend. Before BB moved to another town, we had just one issue. Her boyfriend she was so in love with was seriously asking me out while giving her hell in the relationship and doing everything to end it with her. I couldn’t tell her, didn’t tell her, until months later – it didn’t go down well and it remains a topic we both avoid for the sake of our friendship. I wouldn’t have even told her if not that I found out Babe’s girlfriend then was being unfaithful big time and mistakenly divulged it, but he took it cooly though he was really hurt and told me never to withhold stuffs like that ever again if I’m really his friend. And with that confidence, I went to tell BB about the real reason her ex boyfriend broke up with her. 

Even I at one time had to listen to that dreaded news, happened with my last boyfriend (relationship lasted 3 weeks or so). But it wasn’t so bad for me because he was merely my rebound and I was never really into him. 

Over time, I’ve learnt to mind my own business no matter what. Opinions should only be given when asked for. I don’t want to be the snitch, but I don’t want to be a bad friend and I certainly do not want to cross unknown boundaries. But it happens so often every now and then and I get lost for the decision to take. 

“To tell or not to tell? And if to tell, how, when and why should I tell? If not to tell, why not?” 


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