Please Don’t Comment About My Leg Hair

Or my deep voice and straight figure, or my fake lashes and hair extensions and heavy makeup. 

You have no right to. It’s rude when you do and it’s not supposed to be any of your business. 

I love me. My crooked me. My broken me. I am flawless in my eyes, your words no longer matter. You can love me as me or not and it really doesn’t change anything about how I see myself. 

A couple of years back, when the comments about my leg hair had gotten up to my neck, I stormed home from school one day and told Mama I was shaving it all off. She looked at me with bemused eyes and said “but that’s the thing I love the most about your body. I’ve always wished I had hairy legs while growing up but I didn’t and since you did, I’m always comforted and proud and happy“. I don’t know if she meant those words but ever since then, I’ve learnt to love my body as it is, scars and all. 

We girls, we’ve heard it all, the constant comments on our body. Society keeps sexualizing us and we keep letting them, we even sexualize ourselves – creams for skin enhancement because it’s the in thing, clothes to accentuate our best parts so we will be accepted. We do everything to kind of belong, because that is what is normal. 

In my world, it’s not. Normal is what I like, what I want and any other person’s unsolicited opinion is irrelevant. So yes! I will keep my leg hair if I want. 

And it’s just not the leg hair thing, people have preference, I understand that and it’s not an issue until the world starts expecting me to change for them. Guys prefer light skinned girls so every dark skin girl should start bleaching. Guys prefer shorter girls so we should throw away the heels and get flats instead. Guys only want to date a girl who is willing to wash, cook and clean (they call it being a wife material) and I should start killing myself over this, fishing for the “wow you’re a wife material” comment when over half the guys saying this aren’t even husband materials. Seriously, it’s insane how we live to please other people. 

I don’t want that, I don’t want any of that. I love my dark skin color, I love my small boobs and portable ass, I love myself being 5.4″, I won’t cook or clean for you, you are neither my Papa nor my husband, not even my brother, so I am not obligated to. I don’t live my life for your approval. 

Do not comment on my size, good or bad. Do not comment on my figure or how my clothes make me look hot or like your grandma, I didn’t dress up for you. Don’t ask me to be more girly or feminine, don’t judge me for it. I don’t want to hear your opinion, it’s meaningless and insulting to me, I wasn’t put on this earth to suit your preference or please your taste. All those things you say to shame my body, make me feel less than, like am abnormal, just because it’s not the way you like it; all those things you say about how hot I am, I am natural because I don’t make up, I am a virgin, please stop it – you sound stupid. 

Girls, women, ladies (and gentlemen alike), nobody owns your body except you. Your scars are beautiful. Your height is perfect. Your size is confident. It’s not your fault you don’t fit into their preference and nobody should make you inferior for it. You are gorgeous. You love yourself. And that is the first opinion that should always matter. 


5 thoughts on “Please Don’t Comment About My Leg Hair

    1. Rotfl. It’s easier to laugh about it when it’s a friend teasing, but when it’s some random guy sizing you up sexually, please don’t hesitate to walk away with ‘portable ass’. Lmao, I can’t believe I actually called my ass portable. What was I thinking?


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