8 Tips On Handling The Big (And Small) Fights In Your Relationship 

I had to take some time for myself before starting on this post so I don’t end up sounding all angry and bitter.

Babe and I just had one of the ‘big’ fights. Thinking about it, it shouldn’t even be a big deal – the reason for the fight itself is lame but I ended up walking out of his place nonetheless, seething with hurt and anger. 

Anyways, this is just a scenario of how ugly our fights can be and believe me, when it comes to fights and arguments, we have them in surplus, it can get pretty overwhelming too sometimes. Anybody in a committed relationship (please raise your hands to identify yourselves) would understand first hand what I’m talking about. So I’d like to give a few of my personal tips in handling the fights, both big and small.

  1. Hold Your Tongue – because you can never take back your words. So please, just restrain your words.
  2. Never Let It Get Physical – this is really scary for me, whether it’s hitting a furniture or hitting someone, once it gets physical, it will most likely only get worse and more physical in time to come. There’s no justification against self control.
  3. Try Not To Leave Angry – except you walk in on them cheating or it’s getting physically abusive, then it’s okay to leave – in fact – flee.
  4. Say Sorry First – whether you are right or wrong. And for this same reason, I’ll forever respect Babe. Of the two of us, he always says sorry.
  5. No Third Parties – it’s okay to ask advice from one or two trusted persons, but as a general rule, what happens between the two of you in the relationship, stays between the two of you. Even after you’ve broken up, it’s called maturity. Notice how I didn’t add details of the fight Babe and I had.
  6. Don’t Try To Cover Your Ass – simply put, if you are wrong, admit your wrong. Nobody’s gonna kill you for it.
  7. Forget After Forgiving – after you’re past an issue, please follow this suggestion and be past it for good. No need bringing it up weeks, months or years later in another fight.
  8. Remember The Fight Is Only Temporary – so don’t take permanent decisions for temporary problems.

I’m no relationship expert but these work for me and I know it’ll work for others too. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.


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