55 Blog Topic Ideas For Your Personal Blog 

These topics have been copied from Google, my head and Babe’s head. I’ve carried them around everywhere in my journal and I’ve come to realize that though they are my own collection, I’ll never really be able to develop all of them, so I decided to share them here for other writers looking for resource and new topic ideas for their blogs. I hope you get one or two that you like. 

  1. The last 50 things I searched on Google 
  2. What is your love language? 
  3. The things all writers can relate to 
  4. About being a stay at home mum
  5. About being a stay at home dad
  6. 15 items every writer ought to have
  7. The contents of a girl’s bag revealed 
  8. A beautiful obsession 
  9. The art of chaos
  10. What to get your partner on valentine’s day based on their zodiac sign 
  11. The fashion misfit: how to wear long skirts
  12. My favorite shade of nail polish 
  13. The fashion misfits: 7 ways to wear a duffatti 
  14. Making the best of your valentine’s day, single or not
  15. 22 questions to show the level of writer you are 
  16. A step by step guide to editing your photos for social media 
  17. What is your writing style? 
  18. What is your reading style? 
  19. Your personality based on your handwriting 
  20. 15 unfiltered truths about my life (and yours) 
  21. 15 life lessons I’ve learned in the University 
  22. 7 ways to deal with rude comments on your blog 
  23. A guide to the city I live in 
  24. The things that get my goat
  25. Cats do not like sprite: a lesson about giving gifts
  26. 7 things your girlfriend will never tell you 
  27. The perks of being a really picky person 
  28. Maybe it’s not really a man’s world 
  29. The 9 types of boys you should never date
  30. Date a boy who… 
  31. The 7 type of girls you should never date
  32. My worst relationship ever 
  33. Signs it’s time for you to let your relationship end
  34. 18 times the Internet almost destroyed my relationship 
  35. About being a first class student 
  36. About being a less than average student 
  37. To the good boys: I’m not going after him because he’s a bad guy 
  38. 19 truths nobody talks about in relationships 
  39. Why people don’t like Mondays 
  40. Working while schooling: possible or not 
  41. What will Beyonce name her twins? 
  42. My greatest fear in life 
  43. The worst thing that ever happened to me 
  44. A recipe for my favorites dishes
  45. How To Be A Typical Nigerian Girlfriend 
  46. 101 blog post ideas for your personal blog 
  47. How to wear makeup without looking superficial 
  48. A bucket list of things I’ll never do before I die
  49. How to get away with cheating 
  50. How to look good in cheap clothing 
  51. Tips on keeping your life together 
  52. A review of the skin care products I’ve used 
  53. Skin care routine for acne that definitely work
  54. 1000 things we should do before we die
  55. 13 Relationship mistakes never to make 

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