Blogging About Having Nothing To Blog About :11 Plus 1 Way To Get Inspiration 

You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club. – Jack London 

Writer’s block is real, dreaded and a really annoying thing. I just can’t find anything to blog about. But I have to, because consistency is key. I went through my journal but I wasn’t feeling any of the topics in there. “This can’t be happening” I thought to myself, “how can I not have anything to blog about, Isn’t that why I chose to do a diary blog, because my life is full of stories and I feel I’d never run out of things to blog about!? Babe was already suspecting I’m going into my mad woman mode, so he packed a backpack and went into campus to read, leaving me to wallow in my mental instability – what a great friend he is. 

Anyways, after racking my brain till it started to hurt (I’m currently nursing an headache), I decided to calm my nerves down and actually think, instead of parading the whole apartment like a ghost seeking revenge. I figured I actually do have a list of things I do to get inspiration to write, I was just in activity number 5 when the idea for this post hit me like BAM! Not just this one, but 21 new blog topic ideas in total (I just counted). Plus I realized something too –

when you get stuck with nothing to write about, then write about having nothing to write about. There’s a potential story in everything, even when nothing is happening.

​Now, to the 12 things that give me inspiration for writing 

  1. Yoga I don’t do much of this. Wait, let me rephrase, I don’t do any of this. My yoga would include squatting to look into the refrigerator. But nonetheless, I like the idea of yoga, I enjoy watching other people do it, I love photos of yoga positions because they calm me and they inspire me. 
  2. Music I listen to music for everything (except reading and trying to fall asleep). I don’t even need to stress it’s usefulness, it’s a universal agreement. Everybody likes music. I’m naturally a fan of Pop, so my favorite artists of course are Sia, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Avicii. 
  3. Taking A Walk Babe would drive everywhere if given the chance, even within the house. Me on the other hand, am one of those people who would take every chance they get to walk. Walking helps me release stress and tense. Plus I see a lot of things along the way that end up getting me inspired.
  4. The Meredith Grey in more simpler terms – it’s just crazy dancing. I’m the worst dancer I know so it’s easy to see how this works for me. Originally used to release tension, I kind of incorporated it getting inspiration as well. I just jump to my feet and start shaking my body. Best thing is, I can do it with or without music (remember I said it’s crazy). So next time you feel tensed up with writer’s block, just get to your feet and do it Meredith Grey style.
  5. Going To The Bathroom don’t judge me yet. People do a lot of things in there: sing, watch movies, eat, take phone calls, make out. I belong to the class of people who go there just to turn open the tap and listen to the sound of running water. I don’t know, but the sound of running water in a bathroom gives me inspiration (which is how I got the idea and inspiration for this post). You should give it a try too maybe. 
  6. Eating which is another universal thing. Again, people eat for several reasons, because they are happy, hungry, horny, sad, depressed, bored, lonely, you name it. On my side, I eat whenever I’m reading or thinking of what to write or watching a movie. 
  7. Talking To A Friend If I ever get stuck on what to write, I call Babe and talk to him about it. It doesn’t always mean I’ll get an idea or get inspired, but talking to someone about it helps me get over the tension and disappointed. It also helps to take my mind off things, thereby clearing space for new ideas to come in. So, if you’re ever stuck, just talk to a friend. 
  8. Talk To A Random Stranger when I don’t know what to write about, I try to engage in social media chats and get people to talk about themselves, experiences, opinions, perspectives and all. It always gives me something new to think or write about. Not everyone I meet is always open to a conversation at first, but with time and the right provocation, they relax and eventually open up. 
  9. Listening To Others Conversation not in the being nosy rude kind of way, but in the I just want to learn kind of way. I don’t go out of my way to snoop or listen in on people, but there are some times you just can’t help but overhear. It’s a good way to get new opinions and perspectives on different topics. A definitely effective way to get inspired to write. 
  10. Trolling Social Media if worst comes to worst, just troll Google or some social media and write about the trending topics. It’s a way to stay informative and so you don’t end up like my boyfriend who didn’t know who Hilary Clinton is.
  11. Playing Candy Crush instead of giving yourself an headache over thinking so much without much headway, just chilax and play a game. I recommend Candy Crush. 
  12. Reading if I want to get inspired, I read books by my favorite authors. Reading regularly helps me stay inspired, any writer whether amateur or professional would attest to this. I just recently finished The Great Gatsby again. I fell in love with this book after watching the movie. I finished The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy yesterday night and I’m about to start on Americanah for the third time. My all time favorite book of course is Gone With The Wind. 

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