The Unfiltered Truth About My Life (And Yours) 

Nostalgia – 


  • (British) (IPA): /nɒˈstaldʒə/
  • (America) (IPA): /nɑˈstældʒə/

noun (plural nostalgias)

  1. longing for home or familiar surroundingshomesickness.
  2. bittersweet yearning for the things of the past.
  3. Reminiscence of the speaker’schildhood or younger years.

translations (yearning for the past, homesickness)

I felt this way yesterday, nostalgic. And I couldn’t even tell Babe because I didn’t want him to feel I was unhappy. I didn’t have any reasons to be and I didn’t know how I would explain to him that I was just feeling nostalgic and I didn’t even know why. My head was only reeling with random thoughts of random things and random people, some amusing, others just depressing. It felt senseless, feeling that way, but it’s life right? These things happen. And I realized, that my life, your life, our lives, it’s all the same. 

We’re the good people sometimes and the bad people other times. Everybody lies, everybody loves, everybody hates, everyone grows, everyone cries. We feel blue, we reach cloud nine, we get hungry, we fall sick, we make mistakes, we get weak, we stand strong, we are wise yet we act foolish, everything happens to everybody. Sometimes we have the privilege of having someone make us feel special, and other times the feelings are all just the same. In this world, all our lives are not so different in as much as we like to convince ourselves of our individual uniqueness. 

We Are All A Little Bit Coco In The Head. Denying common sense, because we can’t be perfect and we are thankful for that knowledge because then it’s our justification for not being wholly perfect. We also don’t know everything, we can freely admit to it without having to feel out of place – we don’t have to know everything, it’s okay to be limited even though some schools of thought say nothing is impossible, but we’d rather just not burden ourselves with that. We all have our seven seconds of madness, schizophrenia or whatever other psychological/ personality disorder there is. We can be really funny and we can be really boring. I went to buy fish at the market today and the fish seller kept dancing like she took weed. She was like “I’m the H.O.D of fish department, are you sure your cut off mark money is enough to get you admitted? Would you like to be screened into a different department, maybe chicken?” – I came back home and did an exact replica of the drama for Babe and he laughed his bowels out, but it’s just life and we are all a little bit coco in the head sometimes. 

We have addictions, we have flaws, we have scars, we have secrets. We are not always fulfilled or contented, we wish our lives were better but we are too lazy to do anything to make it better, like wanting to get into a fit shape but being too lazy to workout. We get our hearts broken then hide ourselves indoors and revel in pity parties while drowning in alcohol, tears and getting buried in grief. But the moment we find love again, all of that is forgotten. We will always find love. 

Moreso, losing is inevitable, but then, so is winning. People try to tell themselves they don’t lose, they only learn. Okay, if that’s the way you’d like to put it, learning. This moment in my life right now, your life, our lives – this moment won’t be the worst as bad as it is, and it won’t be the best either, no matter how perfect it feels. There are always more moments to come, more memories to make. 

And finally, we are all going to die and we don’t know when. All the people we love will die too and we also don’t know when. But we don’t really have to dwell on any of that. We may have a hundred broken bones or broken hearts or empty bank accounts, everything could just be going wrong or right, but the ultimate reason for life is happiness. And as far as we are happy, then nothing else matters.

I may have felt nostalgic, but I am confident am happy, and it’s the only thing that has to matter. 


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