Another Near Death Experience 

The first time I’ve ever had a snake come at me was two years ago in the bathroom of the school hostel where I was staying then. I used to go take my bath very early, as early as 4a.m to be precise, because I couldn’t stand having to take my bath in the presence of another human being, talking less of several human beings. So that morning, as usual, I was alone taking my bath. When I was done, I packed my stuffs and was heading out when I saw the snake. It was coming at me, really slow, like it was trying to make up its mind if I was worth biting or not, and if I were, what the most convenient way would be. I was petrified to the spot for fourty five good minutes, even after the snake had turned around and left (it decided I wasn’t worth it). Needless to say, that was the last day I stayed in that hostel. 

I dislike rats, lizards, climbing crawling tiny slimey things, but snakes, I hate snakes with every fiber of my being. And I fear them as much as I hate them. I despise them with utmost severity. And of all the things to want to attack me in a bathroom, it just had to be it-which-must-not-be-named. 
Twice already this year, my life would have come to a short and unfortunate end. First it was the near death fatal accident plus armed robbers filling the car with bullet holes, then there’s been one other one that I just seem not to be able to recall right now. And now, today, I almost got an heart attack with another snake incident. 

Babe was walking in front me (we were on our way to his faculty to read), I was behind trying to be more concerned than upset because he’s been acting all off and strange, like he didn’t want to talk to me. The evening before, he had been really disrespectful to me in front of his friend and I got pissed off and we had this long pointless talk about it especially as he was saying sorry but seemed more focused and interested in trying to make out and I got even more pissed off stuff stuff stuff… So I was trying to figure out if he was being such a snub to hurt me on purpose and the best way to handle this issue. Normally we chat and tease each other and laugh along the way but right then, he had his ear piece on both ears and was rebuffing any attempt at conversation. 

Then a lizard ran across my front. And almost immediately, a snake ran out too, it was so fast – really fast I wouldn’t have stood the chance to run for my life. It stopped like 0.1 inches away from my right foot, then ran back into the grass. Everything happened in like 2 seconds. Me being me, let out a shilling scream and bolted forward as far away as I could, holding Babe by the arm and dragging him forward as well. When we stopped, I had begun hyperventilating and my heart felt like it was about to burst out of my chest, I had to clutch it so it would stay in its position. The only words I could say were “Holy Ghost!”, “snake!”. Babe looked at me, I think he was going to try to console me, but he quickly changed his mind and put on his ear piece (they had come off) instead. He just ignored me, he ignored my wildly beating heart, he ignored my really scared look, he ignored my pleading eyes which were fast filling with tears, he ignored my knees sinking to the ground, my body going limp, he ignored me fainting and just walked away. I watched him walk away with a vision blurred by tears. 

Everything just hurt as hell. What if it had bit me, would he still act all indifferent? What if that snake had bit me and antivenom couldn’t be administered on time, I would have died today! I could have died today! Oh my heavens, I could have not been here typing by now. Dead. No longer in existence. 

This life, I’m still in shock as at now. I think I’m going to take a nap, my fingers are shaky. 


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