Dealing With Criticism And Controversy 

I made a post on nairaland, of which I won’t paste a link because I am still very much embarrassed and sour about the whole thing. Well some people liked it, and others didn’t, and there was a lot of criticism on everything, from the post itself to it’s contents and the way I write in general. I ended up really embarrassed, hurt and sad and depressed all at the same time. And when I finally had the courage to talk about it, I burst into tears. 

I couldn’t believe it, people hated my write up, I’ve always got positive comments, I even get fan mails and one time, I got 4k cash support from a reader (I had no idea you could get cash support from people, it’s really wonderful), but for the first time, people not only disagreed, but hated my writeup. I wondered what was going through their minds, what they thought of me, that I am dumb? That I am stupid? That I am a low minded ignorant creature? Each thought felt like a stab straight in the heart. 

I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me, I wanted to pack all of my things and run away for good. My first instinct was to delete my profile there, then come here and delete my blog. Thank heavens I’m anonymous, I could just easily disappear like I never existed. But I didn’t, I hesitated, and I am really glad I ended up not going ahead with that decision. It would have been disastrous and I would have had a hard time forgiving myself for such a rash decision. 

I don’t know how people deal with criticism. Seriously, how do you deal with that stuff!?!?  Have you ever made a post and saw people’s reactions and then just hated yourself and lost every confidence you have? Have you ever said something and suddenly you became public enemy number 1? How did you survive it? Criticism, it hurts, it breaks, it kills. It ain’t funny. 

But my friends made me see another side to it. That – 

  1. I am a very good writer, and just because I get one wrong, doesn’t change that fact. 
  2. Because people don’t share my opinion on something, doesn’t always mean I’m wrong. And if I am, I should just learn from it and be thankful for the lesson 
  3. Criticism is something I should start getting used to because it’s a sign I’m going places. People will love my write ups and ideas, but it doesn’t mean everybody will or should. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. 

I love writing, it’s bread and butter for my soul. Some people won’t like my style or see things from my perspective, but it doesn’t mean I should give up. When people commend my work, I say “thank you” and put even more effort to make it better, and when people give a thumbs down, I may say “thank you” too, try to look into their complains and correct myself in a situation where I really am wrong. 

No more crying because of criticism for me, I’m thankful for the experience, I believe it’s made me wiser and stronger. Writing about it has made it hurt less even though it’s still really embarrassing. Lol. 


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