First Valentine As A Non-single 

While I was younger, valentine to me was a day to celebrate true friendship, not lovers, because in the original story, the dude died for his friend, so it was between friends, not lovers. 

By the time I was 17, valentine to me became a day to celebrate true love. Love for all the people that mean the universe to us. So it could be between a husband and his wife, a mother and her child, siblings, best friends, just anybody that we will without hesitation, give our lives for. 

Babe was one of those very few people in my list. This valentine was supposed to be really sentimental for me, since it was going to be my first Valentine being not single, plus it was also our anniversary date. I expected rose petals, a huge teddy bear stuffed with money and plenty plenty food. 

But starting right from the morning, everything kept going zigzag. Instagram was filled with #valentine posts and it all seemed so magical, to love like that and be loved in return. 

Here’s everybody’s model couple
Then here’s a post about a desperado that got me really cracked up
Another star couple – Omosexy and Boo

Meanwhile, Babe almost gave me a black eye when he stoned me with heaven knows what after saying happy valentine. It hit my head instead and I developed selective amnesia. I didn’t know I had selective amnesia until later in the day though. 

So we had a breakfast of custard and homemade mishai, of which as usual, Babe stole most of my share of the food. Really romantic (eyes rolled). Then I left for school, because the University I attend employs lecturers and lecturesses who are all either single, or celebration of valentine is forbidden in the villages where they come from. I had an exam that morning. 

So I bounded into school in the customary white on blue for my faculty. The questions were really cheap o, but for some reason, my brain was refusing to cooperate, that was when I figured I had developed selective amnesia from earlier in the morning. The invigilators were anything but friendly, I just wondered why they had to come from villages that forbade the celebration of valentine. What type of school is this that slots exams on valentine’s day??? 

I finished my exam, then went straight home but I realized I didn’t have food, so I called Babe. I could hear the clinking and clanking of spoons, plates and glasses in the background, which meant he was most likely in his faculty canteen having a sumptuous lunch of probably really sweet stew rice, fried chicken and moimoi with an extra large size of coke. I told him about my paper, then he asked me if I’ve eaten and I said I didn’t have any food in my house o. Then he was like “go home (his place) and soak garri na!” and all his friends started laughing in the background. Such savagery! 

I went to his place sha but I didn’t soak the garri. I was still contemplating what to eat and the best way to get back at Babe and his friends when I slept off. Babe came in later with barbecue and drinks which I gladly did justice to and devoured. Then we went to the studio and took photos– he told me I looked like the unnameable whatever that means. 

And so went my first Valentine being non-single, no teddy bear, no romantic poem, I was asked by my supposed prince charming in the most savage way ever to go soak garri and I ended up sleeping off at his place because I didn’t even have enough atp left to lift my body. The only good thing that came out of the day was the barbecue. Valentine sha. 


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