The Time I Fixed Fake Long Nails

The thing about living with someone is that one way or the other whether you like it or not, you end up influencing each other. 

I was never self conscious about my outer looks until BB and I became roomies. This gal loooves fashion and makeup. The first thing she does in the morning is search her face in the mirror and she would never step out except she has makeup on. There was one time I hid all of her makeup and she refused to leave the house the whole day so she missed her lectures. I never really bought into any of it because I thought it superficial, but before long, even I started turning into a Barbie wannabe. I guess I still am till now but it’s all in moderation so don’t panic for me. Lol. 

Anyways, to the main gist, one of the things I did with BB was fixing fake nails. Before this story happened, I had always envied girls with fancy long nails.I had never done it before, neither had she, we both were not brought up that way but it was one of our secret fantasies and now we were on our own in school, hell yeah – opportunity! 

We sashayed to the market together and got the necessary stuffs: nail file, scissors, glue and of course, the fake nails! There were so many different designs and colors to choose from, truly art is beautiful. They were all so attractive and CHEAP! It was just N70 for a packet. Tell me again, why do bad things come easy? 

We made our purchase and went back home to do the much anticipated deed. It wasn’t hard to do, we just used common sense and followed initiatives. Soon, we were done and I was all smiley and feeling fulfilled and was all like 

The one I fixed then was a pattern really close to this one, the same length too.

But the thing started showing us shege right from that very evening up until the next morning when I ended up taking it all off. First we couldn’t swallow eba with our fingers! So we had to eat eba with a fork, is that even legal? It was grossly ridiculous and unsatisfying in the least to say. Grasping items was near impossible, to add to the punishment, PHCN did their job very well and had been helping us holding the light so everybody had to go downstairs to the reservoir to fetch water. It was in lifting the heavy drum and carrying it up the stairs that my nails starting bending and chipping off and pulling out completely. I still had laundry to do and my fingers hurt like hell. I wanted the nails OUT immediately!

Keep this image in mind

 We didn’t have dissolver, I didn’t have the patience to go look for one, so I started pulling the nails off right there and then in my room. I was lucky to have had the sense not to use too much glue. 

The broken nail risk meter 

Since then I had only ever fixed my nails once again, and that time, I got the ones that looked like they were really my natural nails, the same color and length. 

I see these girls and slay queens and all rocking fb and instagram with long nicely done nails and I can’t help but ask, how do they eat eba??? Like seriously, someone should fill me in, how do you do your laundry with those long nails, how do you wash plates, lift objects!? However you do it, please endeavour to share because me I tried it once and I learnt my lesson, long nails ain’t my thing. 


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