Do Prophecies And Miracles Actually Happen? 

Good sense of hearing is one of the things I was blessed with, and I always use this gift to my fullest advantage. This past Sunday, I was lying down in my room, trying to cram for my papers on Tuesday but the noise coming from the room adjacent to mine just wouldn’t let my brain do it’s job properly. Whatever the topic of discussion was must have been really interesting since I was hearing a lot of laughter and raised voices and ‘eeeheeens!?’, so I dropped my books and started listening. 

They were talking about the church they attended that Tuesday, about how the pastor called out a woman and told her about the charms in her shop, then a well known lecturer and accurately described his office and asked him to run, not walk o, but to run outside and buy olive oil for anointing and last but not least, he even prophesied to one one of the guys in our hostel, told him the things he had always secretly wished for, and asked him to stop drinking excessively or else he’ll be a drunkard for the rest of his life. 

I always hear stories of people receiving prophecies and miracles, especially the time when TB. Joshua of SCOAN was making the news headlines daily and was on almost everybody’s lips, Papa disconnected the free-to-air so we wouldn’t watch it, there were a lot of controversies surrounding that man. 

To cut a long story short, I’ve never really believed them, somehow, I just cannot be convinced. I guess it’s one of those ‘until it happens to you‘ things because ‘seeing is believing‘ they say. Jesus may have turned water into wine and raised the dead and healed lepers, but these prophets of nowadays, no one can tell sha. None of my family members or close relatives have had an express miracle, I’ve never been privileged to witness the blind see or the lame walk or the dumb speak. One time a pastor told my parents that ‘God‘ said they would have a male child in exactly a year’s time. It’s been 7 years now. 

The thing is, everyday I hear about miracles and pastors giving prophecies, there was one time the gist was now that people were going into earthly coma and Jesus would take them round and give them a tour of both heaven and hell. People get delivered of evil spirits, even Jim Iyke of all people was said to have experienced it, but none of it ever comes my way. I’m never there, I never see it for myself, I never know the supposed beneficiary on a personal level. Do miracles really happen, or it’s all just one big sham? 


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