AdekunleGold Truly Is Gold 

This is what he posted on Instagram yesterday. 

“who’s having a bad day”? He asked, and instagram went crazy.

Personally, I thought it was really inspiring and thoughtful of him, a great way of connecting on a more personal level with his fans. Whoever gave him the idea is a genius. It’s really beautiful and heartwarming to know someone cares, more so, a celebrity you admire.  

Of course trust Nigerians to want to take advantage of the whole thing. 

Naija people, always hustling.

Unfortunately I couldn’t go through the whole 1k plus comments to look for the most ridiculous or hilarious (it’d be too much stress), but I did find some. 

Some people asked for money (not at all surprising), in fact, a whole lot of people asked for money. Some talked about their heart getting broken, some complained about about being a little bit under the weather, some were just damn really funny and others were kind and nice and mature enough to ask him about his own day.

Screenshot 1- the comments section


More comments 😂😂😂


That temi-obas06 guy though… Sorry about the pc charger, lol.

In all, Adekunle Gold has been my instagram crush since day one, 

Beach vibes :)😎

his photos are always just perfect,

The arms! 😍

 seriously, you’ve got to be a great hater or something not to like him. 

Finally, here’s a link to follow his profile on Instagram. 

Lest I forget, I should ask you too, how are you? How’s your day going? Is there anything you want to talk about? I know I’m not a rich well known celebrity but I promise to listen, I promise to care. If you’d just let me know and let’s talk about it. Ciao. xoxo. 


One thought on “AdekunleGold Truly Is Gold 

  1. Sometimes people just want to vent or just to talk to someone. This was a good idea, and people actually responded. It takes a lot to be vulnerable, let alone on IG where people have their fairytale live through a few photos. People are weird, funny, and interesting in the comments lol


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