For The People Who Have Hit Rock Bottom 

I finished my paper today and walked back to the hostel with my neighbor/ course mate – this lecturers have got no chill at all, it’s like they have a personal agenda against students having a 5.0 gp – that was my problem. 

We arrived at the hostel to meet a sour mood. The caretaker had come around earlier to seal the rooms of people with outstanding rents. One girl, a really good friend of mine, was just crying inconsolably, she didn’t have anywhere to go, I opened my room and told her she could stay with me till her bills clear over. After we finally succeeded in getting her to stop crying and actually cheer up a bit, we started chit-chatting and exchanging life stories. Her’s got my mouth hanging open. 

Some People Have Real Problems 

We see them everyday in our streets, on the major roads, in our different institutions, casual hangouts. We talk with them, say “good morning”, laugh and exchange jokes. But don’t believe every smile on every face, they conceal a lot. 


If I were asked to list my problems, I’d mention making my blog well known, getting a new laptop and going shopping for more books. But everyday and everywhere around me, people hit rock bottom and some never get back up. 

Rock Bottom is when you literally have got no roof over your head, that you now sleep under a bridge at night and during the day, the streets and road corners become your home. It is when you stare at your long list of outstanding bills and inside of you you know you won’t be able to clear any of it because the last money you have is just two hundred naira and not even a kobo more. It is when you get dragged to jail for debts you can’t pay. It is when you have no option but to withdraw your children from school and send them out to various streets with trays of food items on their head. It’s the girl who has stripped herself of every pride and respect to give her body in exchange for a meal. It’s the patient on a hospital bed depending on life support, it’s the desperate beggar risking his life on the very busy roads, begging for just water to drink. Rock bottom is when you get so depressed and weighed down that the thought of taking your own life becomes your only solace. 

That’s why we should be thankful everyday, because no matter how hard we have it, someone else has it worse and someone else also has it worst. We may be up today, but life is fleeting, so at anytime we could be the ones hitting rock bottom. Did I just hear you say “God forbid!”? 

I keep thinking of my neighbor and her story, and my heart bleeds. I’ve had my own share of challenging times, when I was actually willing to ‘curse God and die’, to be so down it seemed nothing would ever be able to pull me back up. I’ve had my own share of those types of times, and realistically speaking, I know they just may not be the last even though we don’t wish for things like that. So please next time you feel the need to judge, always keep in mind the words in the photo below 👇👇👇

I always try to tell myself as I will tell everyone reading this now, it is well

It is well, it will get better, things always do. You are not alone, this is not your very end yet, this is just a temporary road block in life because this is life and we’ll always have hurdles. Things may seem impossible now, but they will get better. Don’t give up just yet, please hang on out here and in there, if it means fighting, fight till your last breath. As far as you keep trying, then surely one day, you will rise up. It is well. 

I’m no expert at giving consolatory words but I hope these little words of mine help to make you feel better. Do have a beautiful day. And remember, Mitchy cares. 


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