I’m Teething And I Don’t Think I’ll Make It 

I always thought wisdom tooth was something that would come in your wisdom age, you know, the wise years of fourty and above. But actually, it comes anytime between your early and mid twenties. 

How It Started 

Last December when it was time to show all goats and fowls who’s boss, my tooth started coming out. It was painful but not really upsetting, it just showed itself, a shiny white tip that put shame on all my other teeth and that was all. But my gum got swollen and I couldn’t close my mouth properly for days. At exactly the same time, Babe’s own came out too (have I mentioned before now that we are birthday mates?), but his came out fully. 

It wasn’t funny, it was hell for him, no Christmas rice or chicken, he spent it in the hospital vomiting and receiving injections upon injections – for just one tooth, one ordinary tooth that I doubt adds any wisdom or sense to it’s victims lives. 

Anyways, mine started acting up three days back and it’s been HELL! I don’t know yet if I’ll have to go to the hospital too and if it’ll cost me my Easter rice and chicken. I really want to eat Easter rice and chicken. 

Big Girls Cry

It really hurts like mad, the pain literally keeps me up at night, I’ve been crying like a child. I take ibuprofen for the pain when it gets seriously unbearable. Babe helps me to press the side of my face (left) with a napkin soaked in hot water and I’ve been gargling  warm water mixed with salt. 

Solutions /Remedies 

Mama said to put onions and/or a slice of fresh tomatoes exactly on the spot inside my mouth, a friend suggested I add flagil to the pills I take (seriously, how does a pill for constipation help with toothache???), my sister advised I lick a lot of sugar to trick my body into giving me stomachache and forgetting about the tooth. 

So far, only the hot water has been helping, I’m yet to try the tomato though and surprisingly, my sister’s sugar idea actually worked! but after the stomach pain weared off, toothy came back with revenge on me for the betrayal.


I’m just really tired. The whole of my left face is swollen and my left eye keeps twitching. Why does everything in this world have to come with pain!? 


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