30 Life Lessons I  Learnt From Being In The University 

  1. You eventually grow up
  2. Love doesn’t mean compatibility, it’s the reason people breakup all the time 
  3. It’s easy to get lost while trying to find yourself 
  4. But it’s easier to find yourself no matter how lost you get 
  5. People are people, keep this in mind and you’ll stop being disappointed ever so often 
  6. People are different, so stop judging them the same 
  7. But you are the strangest person you know – do I need to say any further? 
  8. Sleeping with a neighbor is a bad idea, a really Really REALLY bad idea
  9. Date your best friend 
  10. Your friends are amazing 
  11. Your GPA doesn’t define who you are – I know a lot of people who are secret nerds on the inside 
  12. And it shouldn’t tell you who you should be – so what, if you had a few couple carryovers? 
  13. A can of Coca-Cola fixes everything 
  14. When in doubt, wear black, because you can never go wrong with black 
  15. Don’t smoke weed – haha, please don’t 
  16. Don’t neglect to call home – it’s irreplaceable 
  17. Never postpone laundry – terrible things can happen if you do 
  18. It’s never too late to say sorry 
  19. There is a difference between being ‘a girlfriend‘ and being ‘a wife‘ and so are their irrespective duties. 
  20. School is mostly overrated and exaggerated 
  21. Bad people exist and don’t go looking for them
  22. There are a gazillion ways to get an infection – especially when you live in a school hostel 
  23. Taking care of your health is a priority you shouldn’t compromise on
  24. Finance is an annoying issue 
  25. Stds are real- be responsible 
  26. Getting robbed is a real thing – and it’s scary 
  27. Nothing is real until it happens to you – trust me, you won’t believe it much until it’s looking you in the eye too
  28. Mind your business 
  29. Life is shorter than you know or think 
  30. The whole point of life is being happy. If you ain’t happy, it ain’t worth it. 

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