How Do You Take Care Of Natural Hair? 

I used to have a head really full of long hair and it was soft too. Salonists always commented on how soft it was it almost didn’t need conditioner. Then relaxers came and out of too much relaxing (I think), my hair is now something like a fowls butt – a little bit of hair here, a tuff there, inches longer at the middle, nothing at the back or sides and a receeding hairline. It’s all scanty to the extent I never stay on my natural hair for more than maybe three days (which on it’s own is rare), and even at that, it’s always well covered with a scarf.  

Simply put, my hair is damagedly damaged and I weep for my loss everyday. Especially when I see other girls with their full, long and gloriously intimidating hair. Why do bad things happen to good people? 

I want my hair back, so please, what are the ways to take care of natural hair? 

My Mama said if I want to stop the retouching, I’ll have to cut the whole thing off. I don’t want cutting my hair off to be an option, seriously, if I do it, I’ll be hunted, shot down and sent to jail for being a national threat – I’ll be ugly af. 

Currently I don’t use any creams or hair treatment, I avoid tight braids and I recently incorporated more fruits and veggies into my diet (one pawpaw or pear a day, costs just fifty naira). I’d ask a stylist but most are just looking out for their own profit, and Google keeps coming up with people trying to sell their own products.

So I’m asking my readers instead, I tired of my hair looking like it’s shouldering all the hardships of this country, what do you think is the best way to revive a damaged hair, as well as nurture and maintain it? To relax or not to relax? To braid or not to braid? 


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