Be A First Class You 

I went to Babe’s place yesterday. No light so we played whot for over 4 hours. The score was me to him : 10-6; 10-9; 4-10. After the whot, we drank coke and ate madiga and when he saw I was in a really good mood, he brought up the topic about my blog. 

It doesn’t even make me want to continue to the end, talking less of go back for more” he said. 

I wasn’t offended or hurt because I knew it was true. Even I myself, I don’t enjoy my posts, they are boring and without points or moral lessons. And it’s not only Babe and I who feel this way, from the constant decline in my stats, every other person feels so too. 

It Wasn’t Always Like This 

In my former blog, my daily stats was about 400 visitors and views. I had over 5k followers and subscribers. And then one day I made a post which I later took down because of it’s contents but too late, a lot of people saw it, every single person loved it, it got shared and my followership shot up to 36k visitors in one day. I instantly got a fan base. I was so happy, people knew me! 

When I deleted that blog, my email buzzed non stop for weeks. People were pissed, concerned and shocked! “But you were doing so well“, they kept telling me, “you are a really good writer, your stuffs are always on point and original“. People pleaded with me to start a new blog and send the link. 

So What Changed? 

What changed was that no matter how much people told me I was good and even getting better, I didn’t believe it. I liked what I did, I enjoyed it, but I still felt inferior compared to all the others out there. I read other people’s works and say to myself “Mitchy, when are you going to be as good as this, when are you going to get here“? I never saw myself as good enough if good at all. So I started copying other people’s style and pattern. I changed from what I do to what some other person does. I became someone else’s photocopy because I was convinced they were better. 

How Did That Turn Out For Me? 

Very very veeeery bad. I lost sight of my goals and purpose of blogging. I lost my spirit, style, concept and individuality. I failed terribly. I thought I was winning and it was better but quoting Babe 

Be a first class you. It is never better when you are a second class of somebody else. Baby,you are a really good writer,  you are good at what you do and it is very well capable of taking you places. Forget about dropping three posts a day, be yourself so when you drop only one, they will beg for the extra two. No one is you, and that is your power.

I went back and read the stuffs from my former blog, I was genuinely impressed, I actually saw how good I was, how good I could be. I couldn’t stop until I was done with every single post and for the first time, I literally felt what my readers were feeling then, how could I have just woken up one day and just decided to stop! It was betrayal in the highest order. 
So Honey, 

Who do you even want to be besides yourself? Because last time I checked, every other person is already taken. 

You don’t win, you don’t stand out, you don’t shine by trying to be someone else’s life.

 The reason they succeed is because they are being first class versions of themselves, so you be you and that’s how you’ll be successful.


Be yourself at all times. Be original. 


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