Life Updates And About Hating Mondays 

This morning, I got up real early so I could start on my posts for today. At around 5:30a.m, I left my writing desk and headed to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast for the house, (which is my primary duty besides settling disputes between my sisters and asking money for non existent textbooks). 

Anyways, I was in a good mood, I’m always in a good mood on Monday mornings. I was like… 

My sister GG on the other hand was still in bed. She refused to get up to come do her chores, and when she finally got up, it was to sneak into the kitchen, take food, and sneak out. My other sister Sam was just muttering to herself about how going to school is really an excuse for modern day slavery and tyrannism. Mama had a bored look on her face as she got prepared to go to work, so did Papa. In this house, everyone except me, hates Mondays. 

I love Mondays because – 

  • It’s a new chance for new goals
  • It’s a release from the weekend which is most usually boring for me
  • It’s the one day of the week I mostly get sent money 
  • It’s a great day to be alive. 

The rest of my family (and maybe Nigeria) hates Mondays because – 

  • It’s Monday, everybody hates it
  • The next day isn’t Friday
  • Even the day after the next day isn’t Friday 
  • They hate their jobs (or in my sister’s case, school) 
  • They have nothing forward to look to except the coming weekend and it’s still far away 

That being said, I still want to believe am not the only person who doesn’t hate Mondays. Hating Mondays always sounds cliche to me, seriously, just 

Well it’s a new week, and now, I bring you the 

In Our Country 

  • Our president is still MIA (so is Buhari gonna come back or nah?), but Nigerians don’t care because Osibanjo, the acting president, is doing a wonderful job. 
  • Lagos mainland residents are all heartbroken as there won’t be power in the whole area as from 4th March to 6th April. The only people that are happy are the filling station owners.
  • Uriel and Kemen are no longer in the BBN house. (I actually don’t watch big brother naija, but my sisters and Mama keep up with it, they even almost sued dstv to court when the BBN channel stopped working for about 3 days) 
  • The amcva2017 was a blast yesterday. Out celebrities made us proud as they turned up in their numbers, looking elegant, classy and fabulous. You missed out if you didn’t follow up with the show yesterday. 

And in my own life…  

  • School resumes in exactly a week’s time. I don’t want to go. 
  • Babe’s sister put to bed yesterday! We are so happy, I can’t wait till I see the bundle of joy and take selfies! 
  • Babe himself will soon be leaving for a eight months period. I’m getting ready for a ldr, I’m scared, sad and still worried how will he survive eight months without his bestie to have his back. 
  • Loopers is still holding my money 
  • Regardless, I am thankful and glad and happy. For life, for my, and I am excited for today and for the new week.

Happy Monday everyone. And happy new week. 


6 thoughts on “Life Updates And About Hating Mondays 

  1. Hi Mitchy,

    I loved your post on Mondays. Seriously my worst days of the week are Mondays and my best; Fridays. Sadly we live in a country where most of us have to work odd jobs we don’t love because you’ve got tonnes of bills to pay.

    Most times It’s hard keeping up with my blog with the nature of Naija’s 9-5. Wish I had your Monday energy burst. I pray I get there.

    I’d also look for something to inspire me every Monday morning as well.

    Awesome blog.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awwn… Thanks. I honestly wish for you to get a job doing what you have passion for so you’ll get to love Mondays just as I do.
      P. S. I love your blog! Even though you don’t update it so often, but I still check it every day for new posts.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My dear Mitchy,

        Life as a Nigerian writer whose trying to make a difference can be tough and demanding.

        I’m repenting from my ways henceforth. You’re inspiring.

        New post loading in a few minutes.


    2. Awwn… Thanks Lily. I honestly do wish you get a job doing what you have passion for so you’ll have no problems with Mondays again. P. S. I love your blog too! I check it everyday for new posts.


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