My Top 15 DIY Life Hacks For The Cheap And Lazy Nigerian 

It may please some of you to know that I am a diligent and very intelligent Nigerian. It will please the rest of you to know that I am just as flawed, and if you have a BSc in the art and act of laziness, then you are not alone. 

There’s no way to describe me without adding the adjective ‘lazy‘, (though people who know me may insistently argue against this fact, but don’t listen to them.)

I know being lazy can sometimes be hard, I want to make it easier for you. These are my top 15 diy life hacks for all my fellow cheap and lazy fellas out there. 


The following contents of this post may tempt and eventually lead otherwise hardworking individuals into being lazy, proceed at your own risk. 

  1. You no longer have to go through the stress of washing dishes if you do this
  2. To save time, put your raw egg inside your pot of cooking rice, it’ll be cooked by the time the rice is done as well. 
  3. Using your phone’s voice recorder to record the lecturer’s voice saves you the stress of writing rubbish all in the bid to keep up with the dictation. You can always listen to the recording later on at your own convenience. In the mean time, you have all the opportunity to snooze in class. 
  4. If like me, you are too cheap to invest in quality long lasting perfume, I’ve got good news. You can make your cheap perfume last longer by applying it on these areas
  5. If your reading lamp is dead because you were too lazy to charge it, and of course your phone torch is just too bright, just follow the diy setup on the photo below for a cool evening shade 
  6. Again, why get speakers when you can do this??? Works like magic! 
  7. Make your leathers pop like brand new by smearing moisturizer all over them. Example of moisturizer – Vaseline gel. 
  8. Fetching water will never be the same again. Who needs a hose when you can do this? Do you know how much even ordinary half a yard of hose costs especially in this recession period? 
  9. And no more short cord problems. 
  10. Redefine the phrase ‘wash and wear’. To get your t-shirt dry immediately, wrap it up in a towel and twist. All the water will get soaked out and give it 5 minutes, it’ll be totally dry.
  11. Washing the blender just got easier (and safer too)!
  12. Use a shaving stick to remove the annoying fluff on the surface of your wooly wears. 
  13. Extra hanger space with can tabs. Now we coke lovers have one more reason to buy can coke everyday. Yeeees! *smiley face*
  14. This is the best way to motivate yourself to study. 
  15. And finally, you don’t have to go through the rigorous perfect bow lace tying every time if you just do this. 

That’s all fifteen, now we can all feel more relaxed (and smarter), about being cheap and conspicuously lazy. 


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