How To Wear Long Skirts 

In the house, I move around with shorts, but school has resumed (unfortunately), so I’m back to wearing fbcc (full body covering clottings). Skirts are my favorite clothing item, I’m really one of those girls who’d die for skirts. I was brought up with them. I tried trousers during my first year in university but I soon got bored, so I reverted back to skirts. Long loooong skirts. 

Today, I decided to share my top highlights on how to wear long skirts, which is really very easy, fun and chic. I’m not going to do much explaining (it’s a lazy post), I’ll let the photos do the explaining. 

  1. With the crop top
  2. Sweater (really any shirt will mostly do) without tucking in
  3. Dragging it really high (for the flat tummy please) 
  4. Add a belt (first photo is my every day school look) 
  5. Using a jacket 
  6. Tucking in (and this is my church look) 

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to wear your long skirt you’ve abandoned somewhere in the deep abyss of your wardrobe, and if you don’t have a long skirt, I hope it inspires you to go get one. Seriously, I really love long skirts so please do it for me. Thanks. Lol. 


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