Who Killed The Chicken Woman? 

Heard this from Mama yesterday evening. I don’t even know where or how to start, I’m just feeling a mixture of emotions. 

Our chicken woman was murdered on Sunday evening. 

So here’s the gist 

A whole lot of years back when all of her children were still very small, her husband ran away to Lagos with another woman, made away with all of their property, leaving her and the kids stranded. That’s when she started selling frozen chicken and the shop grew really prosperous. She trained the children through school with it, fed them, clothed them and put a roof over their heads. 

All of her children except the last child are married now even with their own kids. Mid last year, her run away husband was said to have returned begging for forgiveness and asking for reconciliation. She forgave him and even moved in with him into his new house. He had sold his house in Lagos which him and the other other woman owned and built a house here in Delta. 

Nevertheless, this coming Saturday, was to be their official traditional marriage where he was going to pay her bride price. But on Sunday night on her way back home from the shop with her daughter, some gunmen stopped them on the road. According to the daughter, they compared the woman’s face with a photo they had, before putting a gun in her mouth and boom! They further cut off her head from her body. 

I still feel chills thinking about it. Ever since we moved into our street, I’ve known this woman as ‘chicken woman’, I’ve never known her by her real name because everybody called her ‘Madam Chicken’. She’s never had issues with anyone, she was kind, peaceful and always friendly. The whole Street and even the people from the other streets bought frozen chicken from her. 

Who killed our Chicken woman? Only time will tell and I pray it does. I can only imagine the grief her loved ones are going through right now. Even I am yet to come to acceptance with it. I thought things like hired assassins only happen in Africa Magic? 

Adieu Mama. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen. 


3 thoughts on “Who Killed The Chicken Woman? 

  1. This is horrible. In the beginning, I thought it was fiction ‘cos title is hilarious.
    But this is a painful story, and I can bet that after several months, there will still be conclusion as to the whereabouts or identities of the murderers.
    This our country is a jungle


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