Special Announcement On Meet Mitchell 

Hello everyone, good morning (or whenever you read this, afternoon, evening). Like the topic says, I have a Special Announcement. 

I won’t be around for the whole of today due to unforseen events. Mum just woke up this morning and arrested me with this plan. It’ll take all day so I won’t even have time for the blog. So I’m really sorry but there won’t be any new posts today (except I can quickly finish the one I’m currently working on, I slept off writing the rough draft during the night). 

I’ll really miss you guys. dramatically sheds a tear

Anyways, here’s something fun to do while I’m away: what do you think is the plan my mum came up with that’s going to take all day? 

  1. We are all traveling to the village for a burial
  2. We are going to clear the grass from the front of our compound to the beginning of the road 
  3. Today is bring your daughter to work day so I’m going with my mum to the office 
  4. I’ll be going to the market to shop for the remaining of my provisions and after then, I’ll be making the long journey back to school. 

So what’s it going to be? Lemme know in the comments below. 

N. B- Winners get a special surprise from me plus free airtime (if you are in Nigeria). 

See ya later✌ muah! 😘 (skips away) 


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