17 Annoying Questions Guys Have To Stop Asking Girls Right Away! 

Let me not even go into the details of the incident that has prompted me to write and post this. Sometimes, guys can be really annoying in conversations, even my bestie is guilty of this. What is it with guys and asking annoying questions? I’d like to give them the benefit of doubt and accept they do it in ignorance, but please after reading this, share it with your male buddies too, cause a couple of years from now, I won’t accept ignorance as an excuse. 

  1. Are you a virgin? Seriously why are you asking, are you a virgin yourself? Are you hunting for virgins? Are you a ritualist? 
  2. How many guys have you slept with? Oh, so you want information to use against me in the future? No thanks. 
  3. How can a beautiful girl like you not be taken? It’s because I’m over qualified *rolls eyes 
  4. Don’t you want to get married? I mostly get asked this question when I refuse to give a guy my number 
  5. What about your boyfriend? I get asked this question when I say I’m broke, excuse me, he’s not an atm
  6. When are you going to get married? I don’t even know how to reply to this 
  7. Are you on your period? How does that information improve your life? 
  8. You want money? Like seriously, I want money? Is there ever a time someone doesn’t want money? 
  9. What are you wearing? And they have a habit of asking this at night. I see what you’re doing there, I’m not your girlfriend or wife, it’s none of your business. 
  10. Anything for me? I don’t understand, did you send me on an errand? Is it your birthday? 
  11. Why don’t you smile more? It’s called a resting bitch face. Resting. Bitch. Face. 
  12. Have you cum yet? Boyfriends and husbands beware, this is the worst and most annoying question to ask during *coughs*
  13. Am I the best you’ve been with? I don’t know, are you? 
  14. Why can’t you stay on your natural hair? I love long full hair, I love experimenting with different hairstyles, I was brought up this way, and please men and women are not the same, just because you stay on your natural hair doesn’t mean I have to. 
  15. Why do you makeup? Is it your face? 
  16. Why do you like pink so much? Because it’s pretty, is it a crime! 
  17. Why do you like romance novels so much? Why do you like movies that involve a lot of violence?

I hope we’re all good. Till next time


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