Saturday Spirit: 26 Photos Everyone Can Relate To 

I have literally close to a thousand of these in my phone gallery and I thought I’d share. It’s Saturday guys, enjoy your weekend with laughter 😎

  1. I feel this same way everytime I’m writing exams
  2. Every. Single. Morning! 
  3. Or Igbo, yoruba and even pidgin. 
  4. Nigerian knock knock jokes are just simply the most hilarious, rotfl 😂😂😂
  5. So which do you prefer, fashion then or now? 
  6. All in favor say ‘I’ 
  7. I lost the 2h airtime I bought and turned the whole room upside down searching for it
  8. My Mama is 100% guilty of this one 
  9. For people who love singing and think they are the next best thing to Beyonce 
  10. What sorcery is this!? 
  11. All in favor say ‘I’ 
  12. One word for our mothers 😉
  13. I wish I was this happy about doing chores in general 
  14. Same thing with when PHCN keeps the light on since morning, you’ll start getting uncomfortable and begging the light to go. 
  15. I was the nerdy hardworker who hated the Queen Bee. What were you? 
  16. My prayer point every morning 
  17. My Papa is actually the family member that does this 
  18. They don’t tell you “you look nice in that dress”, they tell you “the dress don help your useless career” 
  19. I agree 
  20. I can so relate with this one, I did worse. 
  21. All hail the parents 
  22. I have exactly this thought every night right before I go to sleep 
  23. Which is why I’m doing this post! 
  24. My attitude when my best friend has got my back 
  25. I used to be the one on the right 
  26. Happens way more often than I’d care to admit 

As an extra, here’s a list of sites where you can find the funniest memes and gifs. 

  2. 9GAG
  3. Reddit
  4. Nigerian memes
  5. Meme Centre
  6. Comedy lol

More to come next Saturday. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday everyone. Mitchy loves ya 😘✌


5 thoughts on “Saturday Spirit: 26 Photos Everyone Can Relate To 

    1. Omg, this is the prettiest thing I’ve been told all week. I’m so flattered. Now I’m feeling all emotional and inspired. Can I ever thank you enough for those words?


      1. Why not if not? I visit your blog during my spare period at work. Your hilarious posts combined with my imaginary mind keeps me laughing. I couldn’t help but catch up on your recent posts on Saturday night while I hung out with friends.

        They kept wondering who was entertaining me and why I was laughing so hard. I smiled and dug on. Thanks Mitchy.

        Liked by 1 person

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