9 Things Every Personal Blogger Can Relate To 

I couldn’t write an inviting introduction for this post. It’s kind of hard listening to a lecturer and blogging at the same time, so I’m just going to rush through this before I get caught.

    1. Something happening and you thinking of it as a potential blog post –           

       this happens to me all the time. Maybe it’s because I’m always thinking of what to post next, and I’m always on the lookout for something interesting. So whenever something happens, someone says something, even if a cloud moves slightly in the sky, I’m thinking “hmmmm, how can I convert this into a post, how do I make it interesting, what’s the lesson my readers will get from it“? 

    2. To use swear words or not!?  Sometimes when I’m writing /typing a post, I have to pause to consider a few things, do I use that sexually explicit word, is it necessary in expressing myself, would they mind, would they get offended, but it’s my blog na, shey I can write whatever I want in it? Most times I end up censoring the words, I don’t know if Google adsense will reject my blog because there are swear words in it. 
    3. Over excited friends who want their names to appear –   I’ve got my sisters topping this list. They keep asking me when I’ll be able to afford a house in banana Island like Linda Ikeji. And as if that’s not frustrating enough, I get comments like “I just read your latest post o, my name is not in it, when will my name appear on your blog, when will you write about me“!? 
    4. Secretly over excited friends pretending they don’t care if their names appear –   Babe falls into this category. I know he blushes whenever he reads a post and I make mention of him, but he’ll still make his face strong and in his Arnold Schwarzenegger voice say “you didn’t have to blog about that, I don’t want my name on your blog, what if my friends see it“!? What if his friends see it ni, what if his friends see it ko. 
    5. Feeling productive for successfully juggling between your job and blog–   or in my case, school/ blog. My lectures start by 8a.m on most days, which means I’m already in school before 7:30a.m, I’m a nerd incase you don’t know yet. Lectures end by 2pm or 4pm, or if we have practicals, 6pm. Then I have to stay in school and revise till 9pm, then still type, edit and schedule my posts on the blog for the next day. Basically I’m all tied up, with little or no space, but I like it this way, I feel like I’ve done something worth it when I pull through each day. It’s fun telling someone “I have to go now, I’ve got work to do“, lol. 
    6. Your lazy days of not blogging – I shake my head when people have the very wrong misconception that blogging is easy. Blogging is not easy. It’s work, loads and loads of it. We don’t just open our computers and start typing. I personally write a rough draft first, review it, check for grammar errors and all that stuff, I have to search for images, then type, get friends to read it and give me feedback. Working on one post alone can take up to 2 hours, and if you post more than once a day, that’s 2 hours times the number of posts you make. What makes it seem easy is because we love what we do, we have a passion for it, so we enjoy it. So with all that, we bloggers have our lazy days too, when we just curl up in bed and drink coke and command people to bring us breakfast and lunch in bed. Our lazy days are important and needed, or else one day we might just crash on our laptop and some knuckle head will inherit the blog. 
    7. supportive friends who read and contribute – to every blogger, these people are our biggest assets. They believe in our writing, they believe in our passion, and they support it with both their time by reading our posts, thoughts by dropping honest and intelligent comments and money by sponsoring our subscription or bringing us lunch when we’re too glued to our computer to go get it ourselves. Honestly, their importance cannot be overemphasized. 
    8. Keeping and updating your journal  it’s not necessarily a book or app for writing your secrets and names of people you have a crush on. When I started my blog, it became more than that. It became where I write the rough drafts for my post, where I write down my thoughts and ideas, my shopping list, my to-do list, absolutely everything. I take it everywhere with me. It’s necessary for my survival. 
    9. Your slow addiction to blogging you don’t yet know about –  seriously, one day you’ll come to the realization that your blog is your stable. People drink or smoke or whatever, but you, you blog. You write. I mean, what else would make someone (me) hide under the desk in lecture just so the lecturer won’t see her using her phone. In my defense, it’s not like I’m watching porn or chatting on fb, I’m blogging, it’s a good thing. 

    And I’ll end it here now. My knees hurt and I have to come out from under the table. Till my next post, remember 


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