25 Random Facts About Me

  1. I’ve never had malaria 
  2. I don’t eat food containing onions except it’s cooked by me
  3. I don’t have a favorite color because any color I choose is bound to also be chosen by another person and I hate sharing, don’t want the color feeling too important 
  4. I’m addicted to Kung fu panda cartoon 
  5. If you want to kill me, just poison me with coke. Even if you tell me it’s poisoned, I’ll still go ahead and drink it. I’ll gladly die Chewing the bottle cap for the last drop. 
  6. I’ve never had my eye brows shaved. I have a thing against sharp objects coming near my skin 
  7. I can’t dance. Seriously. Not even the slightest. 
  8. I’m a very fast walker. I get very irritated when someone’s in front of me and they’re going at the speed of a snail and I’m stuck behind them. 
  9. My favorite food is soaking garri 
  10. I die a little each time my phone battery goes down lower than 99%
  11. I played scrabble at a national level, representing Delta state and Benin. I won the gold medal every year consecutively before I went into retirement after I turned 19. 
  12. I don’t wear the color brown. I don’t know why anyone would want to wear the same color with poopoo. 
  13. I have a weird habit of counting. I count every single thing, the number of vehicles on the road, streetlights, number of people putting on a particular color, number of buildings with the same color of gate, the dissections in the ceiling. I count, add, subtract and multiply, really really fast and accurate. But I still hate math. 
  14. I’m drawn to water. So I’m always drinking water. 
  15. I can trek for Africa. I walk extremely long distances. 
  16. I have a collection of bus tickets. I’ve kept every bus ticket I’ve used since January 2014.
  17. I’m a Taurus, and melancholic by temperament. If I were in avatar, I’d like to be in water nation so I can do blood bending 
  18. This is my favorite shade and the only shade of lipstick I buy
  19. Before I cook, I always have my table laid out like this
  20. I am an agnostic 
  21. I speak sarcasm as a third language. 
  22. I am really really good at painting 
  23. I get disappointed when I watch a romance movie and nobody dies. It’s the reason I love Titanic, but I think either Romeo or Juliet should have survived so they can live sadly ever after 
  24. I really love sleeping, I can sleep 3 days straight 
  25. I’ve never slept alone in my whole life. Someone is always there with me or I won’t fall asleep till the early hours of the morning. 

    So people, I hope I didn’t bore you. What are some random facts about you, and which facts do you have in common with me? 


    6 thoughts on “25 Random Facts About Me

    1. Hehehehehehehheheh we have common ground on numbers 5 and 10 only I’m addicted to yogurt or any milky drink. You see number 10…that’s when I start hurrying like I’m gonna be the last to enter into heaven…. Sarcasm hahaha, I only speak such during verbal convo. Not in writing.

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