Why Won’t Guys Talk About Their Feelings??? 

Maybe a guy could help me out here. 

I’m talking with Babe and we’re talking about his status update on whatsapp, and I ask “hmmm, why those words?” and he’s like they are from his thoughts. So I say “a naira for your thoughts?” and he says “it’s nothing“! 

mouth open

He said it’s nothing, but translate that to woman language and what you get is “I don’t want to talk about it“, which is really not fair because I talk about mine all the time, the slightest shift in the sky and I’m texting him asap. I don’t expect him to open up as much as I do, I understand that macho thing guys feel the need to be, but at least! Talk to me. When I ask how your day was, I want to hear details not just some plain “it was cool, but guys, guys like doing this, they like covering everything up in a layer of translucent film, so you know there’s something underneath but you can’t see it. And it’s annoying, it’s getting to my neck. 

Eventually, I decided I should just let it be. Babe will talk to me whenever he feels the need to, I don’t have to go through all the stress of jumping up and down like I’m in Lagos traffic. He’ll talk when he wants to talk, besides, it just might be that when he shrugs his shoulders and says it’s nothing, it really may be nothing. And this decision has been positively effective so far. I have rest of mind, and he really does talk on his own, all I do is let him know I’ll be there whenever he needs someone, I’m just a phone call away. 

Still it bothers me on a general basis, why guys don’t talk about their feelings and what can we women do to make them open up more. 


12 thoughts on “Why Won’t Guys Talk About Their Feelings??? 

  1. Babe,
    On this matter ehn, she haff tire me gan! Our men were raised to think that sharing their problems with the opposite sex is a sign of weakness. And so I ask? How has that resolved the problem?

    We all know a problem shared is half solved which is strongly dependent on who you share it with. I experienced the same issue and had to find a way of getting Bae to open up. Cos he could worry for Africa but would never let you in.

    I had to make him understand I had his back, helped him build that confidence in me. And today, he runs to me for everything. Even though sometimes I can form ‘he’s stressing me.’

    Ultimately, I’m glad he shares his feelings on a daily which is a good way to relax and refresh yourself for the next day’s challenge.

    Finally, Communication is key, else you’d find yourself drifting apart all in the name of “but I thought I knew you?”

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  2. Hi Urbanoversabi,

    I’ve come to the general conclusion that people differ. But what I want, I’d go after it. But when it becomes almost impossible to get, I move on. You can’t change a person except they’re willing to. But in terms of relationship, if someone really cares, they should be willing to change and accommodate their partners need thereby creating a balance.

    Besides, I’m sure you’d be pretty fine. Keep talking to her. One day she’d start talking.

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    1. Actually, when we started dating she was “wowed” always telling me, she’s never been in a relationship where she can be really comfortable and playful around her mate, till she met me. But this past days, I got to speak with her intensively and turned out she’s been stressed out. She’s back up now tho. 😎

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