How I Finally Got Engaged 

Babe and I have been together for 3 years now. Of course everyone is waiting for us to start sending out invitation cards for our wedding, but that’s people for you, they are always expecting something from you. 

They drummed it in Babe and I’s ears that we were soul mates when we were just friends. We knew it then, but we didn’t want to be pressured into taking any steps.

They sang it everywhere that we should make it official when we were just best friends. “Can’t a girl and a boy remain best of friends without the intimacy“? 

And now they keep poking, questioning, ” when will the wedding invites be out“? Babe says soon. I throw him a hard stare and shake my head. Of course I’m secretly checking out wedding dresses and perfect locations for a honeymoon, but somewhere inside of me, I try to go steady, don’t be faster than your shadow girl. 

Yesterday evening I was in my room reading, totally falling in love with the words and bonding, when I hear a tap on my window. It was Babe. “Let’s take a stroll he said“. “But I’m reading“, I said. “Come on woman, don’t waste my time“. I reluctantly dropped my book and made for my jacket, since when has it become a must to take a stroll with him, he’s not even giving me time to put any makeup on, if people saw us together, they would think  I’m his house girl. 

Stop whinning, you’re pretty even without the makeup“.

I let my eyes roam through the streets of Ikeja. I didn’t bother to ask where we were going, but if I knew Babe well, he probably wants to meet up with a friend and doesn’t want to go alone. 

He pulled up into a Lebanese restaurant, it had African art written all over it. There was a stony wall waterfall, the seats were wooden with raffia mats spread over them, there were art pieces hung on the wall and pots of plants everywhere. I loved the place immediately and Babe had a satisfied look on his face that I was pleased. 

I knew you’d like it too” he said, as he led me to a seat. “I wanted to show you the place, I came here recently with a friend and I thought of you and how you’ll fall over yourself for a place like this“. We just sat and talked like that. It was a bit cold, everywhere was already dark and I think it was going to rain. Besides us, there was a French woman and her daughter smoking, and a man sitting alone, fingers flying all over the screen of his phone. His only company was a big tall glass of Origin. 

Then came the ice cream. It was cold but who cares, people who say it’s too cold for ice cream are the sort of people I don’t need in my life. Babe wasn’t taking anything, just watching me like a salary came with it. Maybe I should have known then, I’ve been drumming it in his ears about the way I wanted to be proposed to. “It should be in a quiet place with really few people, we should be surrounded by art and cool music, and the ring should be inside a bowl of ice cream!“.

When I found the ring, silver and diamond studded, my mouth dropped open but no words came out. I looked at him and there was pure love in both our eyes. He was already going down on one knee. 

I felt like I could have fainted then. I wish I did, but I didn’t. I only woke up from the dream. 


9 thoughts on “How I Finally Got Engaged 

  1. Buhahahahaha! I knew this was a joke immediately I saw the topic. All the same, every single girl has one of those dreams every now and then. You don’t even want to hear mine. it happened two nights ago. Last night I pictured the last scene in my mind before going to bed hoping the dream would continue. For where! Mstchew!!!

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