Image Commenting Issue On WordPress 

And so far I’ve gotten 124 of these comments, that’s 124 comments that should have been on my blog post but somehow cannot be viewed so I have to delete them.
Apparently, these people don’t even know their comments are going straight to spam. I don’t think they’re even seeing my blog cause they complain of not finding my email subscription link and stuff. It’s heartbreaking

I’ve had this issue from the very beginning, how do you stop people from commenting on the images in your blog posts? I don’t even know how they end up there, they keep piling up in my spam folder. Is it like a system error or broken link issue or something? Is it from me or them? Is anyone else having this same issue? What do I do to fix this? 
P. S If you’re having any other issue(s) on your blog, you’re free to mention it in the comments section and hopefully we’ll be able to help each other out. Happy Easter Sunday. 


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