From The Diary Of A Retired Heartbreaker

This is a short story of who my best friend is. 

Before now; all I knew were the theories behind being a submissive and a dominant, how to focus, how to command … but that was until I met her. 

She’s that girl that taught me the basis of being a friend, she didn’t end it there, she went forward and taught me how to understand, how to give, how to care, how to forgive, how to love, how to be loyal, how to write …

She is that girl that would put everyone right before herself. She is that damsel that taught me a gazillion and one things but then when she talks she would say “Babe, you have always been the one to influence me” but she doesn’t know that she is the only soul that has influenced me the way she did. 

One last thing in this my very short story; my bestfriend taught me How. To. Be. A. Bestfriend.

P. S

Babe sent me this a couple of days ago and I promised myself I’ll post it here, word for word, exactly the way it had been sent, untouched with no modifications. 


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