So Let’s Talk About 

It’s been a while, not just a while, in fact it’s been two weeks and three days though it feels much longer. I just went MIA and I intended staying longer, but the calls, texts and emails have gotten to my neck! Thanks all of you people who kept disturbing me until it became unbearably unbearable.  

The truth is, this thing, this tiny insignificant blog of mine has been more of a self therapy. And I’ve really missed writing. I don’t know where to start from right now, but I just felt I’d highlight a couple of things we could talk about. 
So let’s talk about best friends and sisters. Some sisters are our best friends and some best friends are like sisters. Sometimes there’s a difference because our biological parents are different and other times there are none. But all the same, these past couple of days have made me appreciate the best friends and sisters in my life. 

Let’s talk about boys, men and fathers. Boys who so desperately want to be men and expect you treat them as one. They groom their beards with expensive oils and demand you put two pieces of meat in their food. Men who so desperately want to be boys, you can see it in their gait when they walk, in their choice of clothing – jeans, t-shirts, running shoes and dark sunglasses, in the way they chase younger girls in the need to feel younger themselves. Fathers who play multiple roles as benefactors, brothers, best friends, protectors and lovers. 

Let’s talk about school life. Lecturers doing it with girls is a real thing, I’ve come to suspect every closed office door in the faculty. Let’s talk about mosquitoes and awoko and drinking garri with milk because you can’t afford cornflakes, how everybody keeps saying university students always have money but it’s quite the opposite , we are always broke.

Let’s talk about health, mental health, psychological health, physical health. With the rainy season came constant chills every night and all these sparms. Is it me or is it the weather? 

Let’s talk about finding love. Sometimes life throws you with the boy who ignores you completely on the first date to flirt openly with a previous hookup, you spend two years being worst of enemies but after that, you fall heads over heels in love. Other times it’s love at first sight with the boy you meet on a bus, you fall for his appearance and fall for his personality and two months later you find out he fell for you too the same way. We fall in love with people, fall in love with pets, fall in love with little things like the sunrise and sound of running water and the treasures we find within the pages of a book. 

Let’s talk about not giving up. Because where’s there’s a will there’s a way. For every time the thought of giving up comes creeping in, let’s knock it out unconscious with a club. There’s just too many more interesting and beautiful chapters in the story of our lives for us to give up now. 

Thanks to all of you people who dragged me out of my extended leave. It has been a most fulfilling pleasure writing again and I have you guys to thank for that. Kisses. 

Till my next post. 


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