Date A Man Who Makes You Laugh 

I have this really cute photo of Babe and I, he had this smug know know satisfied look while I was laughing so hard. I take it out every once in a while to look at it and heaven bless us, I know I couldn’t have asked for more. 

The photo was taken inside campus on our way to evening reading, Babe didn’t even want them but as the spirit led, I went back to the photographer and paid for two copies. They turned out to be one of our best and my favorite picture yet. 

For a really long while, people look at us and always go “awwn…you are so perfect together, I pray for this kind of relationship“, I like that, I like that our relationship is a role model to a lot of others, but the “you look cute together” wasn’t what I really wanted to hear. What I wanted was for somebody to see us and say “look how happy they are together“. I eventually got it this first time my sister saw the photo, then my friend saw it and another of my friend saw it. 

Two things I’ve always aimed for in life 

  • To be happy 
  • To be with someone who makes me laugh 

    Honey, stop settling for less than you deserve. Oh no, you don’t have to. The truth is, there is always someone out there who is right for you. Don’t stay with the douche bag who picks on your flaws and forces you into who you are not, find the one whose angels matches your demons, who calls you beautiful, who makes you feel beautiful, who knows that treating you to breakfast in bed doesn’t make him any less of a man. 

    Let him love you with a love that’s worthy, let him take you to cloud nine, let him make you so angry and let him make you laugh so hard. Let his love get you scared until you become bold yourself. You should be convinced of him like if he leaves you, you will literally die. 

    Choose the one that proves true love is not found only within the pages of a book, choose the one whose dreams are also yours. It’s not saying that it will never be tough, but it’s certain you will never be alone again. Stay with the boy who fills the spaces between your fingers with his, who is proud and eager to show you off to the world while protecting you fiercely and jealously. 

    You deserve that kind of love. You deserve to be treated right. Date a man who makes you laugh, who genuinely makes you happy. 

    And when you find such a man, never let him go.  


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