A Lavender Writer And Strawberry Letters 

I said I wouldn’t write this when we are alright, when there is still a ‘we’. I said I’ll write this when the sun no longer rises in my life, when tears continually fall from my eyes like rain, when every face I look into seems like yours, when the only sound I hear is either your voice or the call of your name. I said I’ll write this when I’m genuinely mad at you, when the last thing I want to do is write, when I’m not sure I love you anymore. 

You are really the most amazing person I know, even more amazing than producers and distributors of coke. I could get lost in the details of you, the way you insist on everything, claiming it is your right to always have the bigger share. The way you pretend a perfume bottle is a mic and then you sing and dance all around the house, your ludicrous speeches about buying Africa and turning it into a plantation, your love for luxury, your attraction to intelligence, the way your eyes light up like a Christmas tree when you see me and when you see food! 

The first time we said hello, we spent the next 2 months being worst of enemies because I was churchy and you were the street king conquering every skirt and we could never agree on anything, not even the existence of God. But you continued to be there for me. 

You were there when I wrote my jamb and I waved that 276 score on your face and it made you so proud, you were there when I had my first heart break and you said he was a big fool for breaking my heart, you were there when my parents got divorced and I cried all day saying it’s all my fault, you were there for all of my stupid decisions and mistakes, you were there for every month of body crippling cramp when I’ll stay in bed and hormones would play horrible jokes on me and you’d run helter skelter getting me hot napkins, lunch, dinner and drugs. And yet, we kept insisting we didn’t have feelings for each other. But isn’t love both a strange and wonderful thing? It is a friendship that has caught fire 

And I loved you. Even up till now, I love you with a love that is more than a love, in numberless forms and in numberless ways, in time after time, age after age from one lifetime into the next. 

And I can’t start looking for another best friend or soul mate, it took us 4 years to get here, I don’t have the patience to start over with someone else, no one can be you as you have been to me, no one can irritate me so much, no one can make me laugh, no one can condone all of my wahala. Another will either be better or less, but I don’t want that, I only want you. You are my best friend, just don’t break my heart again. 

For Babe, 

Happy Birthday

P. S

You owe me two bottles of coke, half meat (remember the owo soup), half chewing gum and sixty naira. 


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