Hi, I’m Mitchell. 

Firstly thanks for clicking, WELCOME TO MY BLOG.  
This is mainly a lifestyle/ diary blog so it’s going to be made up of mainly personal contents. Most of which of course would be everyday happenings in and around my life and my unsolicited  opinion of these things. 

My major niches are about relationships (family, friends, love), life as a university student, being a Nigerian (an almost unfortunate thing, I am compelled to say) and gossiping the life of celebrities, random people I meet/see and stories I hear, most of which I’ll pick from Facebook and instagram. Not Twitter though, because I don’t use Twitter. 

The contents of my blog are not to harm or degrade or offend in any way a particular gender, race or personality. It’s just a random opinion of a random girl called Mitchell who likes eating grilled chicken and drinks way too much coke (if there is any such thing). 

Thanks for reading through all of these, you are the real hero/ heroine. I love you so much.