The Sugar Daddy Experience 

We eventually met the ‘man friend’, indeed he looked like father Christmas, big tummy, lots of beard and big shoe. Only this one is dark skinned, eats chicken like there’s no tomorrow and likes pinching young girls’ buttocks.… Read More The Sugar Daddy Experience 


How Not To Die 

I don’t want to die… and if you’re reading this, it means you don’t want to either… 

Better sit tight, this is some gist you don’t want to pass… … Read More How Not To Die 

About The Guy Who Openly Said “He’d Steal Me”

However, he started expressing his likeness for me (I wouldn’t blame him, it’s hard not to like me), but I told him straight up I had a boyfriend. I repeated the same thing when his friends assumed we had a thing together because I cooked for him, and I reminded him of it again right before I got up and walked out when he insisted I spent the night at his place. “I won’t touch you” he said, sounding righteous, “please oga, I’ve heard that song before” .… Read More About The Guy Who Openly Said “He’d Steal Me”

How I Finally Got Engaged 

Then came the ice cream. It was cold but who cares, people who say it’s too cold for ice cream are the sort of people I don’t need in my life. Babe wasn’t taking anything, just watching me like a salary came with it. Maybe I should have known then, I’ve been drumming it in his ears about the way I wanted to be proposed to. “It should be in a quiet place with really few people, we should be surrounded by art and cool music, and the ring should be inside a bowl of ice cream!”.… Read More How I Finally Got Engaged