How Not To Get Laid 

But this is not a rare occurrence, it happens every other day and everywhere. A guy is so nice and attentive to you and the next minute he’s sweating over you on his bed (or yours) and the next thing you know he’s no longer interested in pursuing the commitment he wouldn’t stop yapping about – you’ve fallen for the oldest trick in the book baby- you got laid- meaning you got used and dumped. … Read More How Not To Get Laid 


He’s Just Not That Into You 

Recently I had a girlfriend complain to me about how distressed she was. She met this guy and they got along really well and even exchanged contact information. They’d spend every spare minute calling and texting each other, it was evident she was into him as much as he was into her and an intimate relationship was on its way of already forming. 

Then all of a sudden, he stopped calling. He barely replied her chats though he was always online and he when he did, he never showed interest in knowing how her day had been or all that stuff, he no longer initiated conversations and with each passing moment, she began to feel more and more like a pest to him. 

(has this been you lately?)… Read More He’s Just Not That Into You 

So Let’s Talk About 

 I just went MIA and I intended staying longer, but the calls, texts and emails have gotten to my neck! Thanks all of you people for dragging me out of my extended leave. 

The truth is, this thing, this tiny insignificant blog of mine has been more of a self therapy. And I’ve really missed writing. I don’t know where to start from right now, but I just felt I’d highlight a couple of things we could talk about. … Read More So Let’s Talk About