Contact Me

Like the title of this page says, CONTACT ME  If you are looking to get in touch with me, then you’ve come to the right place. I have two options here, 

  • My number – 08184847899 (best for whatsapp purposes) 
  • My email address –

Who can contact me? 

Absolutely anyone. I’d love to hear from you, regardless who (or what) you are. This means, you are free to write/ call/ text/ chat me up regardless of your age, ethnicity, religion, gender or any other standard of classification that I may have failed to mention. 

What can you contact me for? 

Feel free to use the provided options for letting me know about any suggestions you may have, complaints, ideas or offers. I do welcome guest blogging and I’d love to feature your articles on my site too (if I like them enough and they are appropriate to my niche). Anyways, if you are just looking for a friend to talk to, I’m also up for that, so don’t hesitate. Fan mails are always welcome, (so are hate mails although I’d rather not have more of those). 

All that being stated, I can’t wait to hear from you – yes you. Just don’t send me nudes Okay?  I have a boyfriend.